Terms And Conditions For Certification


  1. Client has to pay all costs connected with the administration of pre-registration and conformity assessment for the certification/registration of the Management System of the organization/s to be assessed, irrespective of the eventual granting of a Certificate of Registration.
  2. The continuity of the certification/registration will be subject to periodic surveillance audits of the management system & each year a certificate will be issued on successful surveillance audit. Client abide by all the terms and conditions of the said proposal, renewable of registration every three years, subject to the terms and conditions, and also agree that in the event of their intention not to renew the Certificate of Registration, we will give a written notice to WSC, 90 days before the renewal date.
  3. Confirming acceptance of all Terms & Conditions for all sites/locations/addresses from where the activities within the organization’s proposed scope of registration are carried out. It is our responsibility that the proposed scope of registration meets the requirements of standards.
  4. Client shall use the registered symbols/marks in accordance with the conditions defined in use of logo.
  5. Certified client should claim for registration and use of symbols/marks only for the management system and scope stated in the certificate of registration for the duration as per validity of the registration.
  6. Client shall maintain and document a system in accordance with the relevant system standard and provide copies of documented system and procedures to WSC for reference. We are fully aware that we, solely and not WSC, are responsible for maintaining conformity to the requirements of certification as per international standards.
  7. Certified client should be aware of the regulatory / statutory requirements to be fulfilled for implementation of the management system for which certification has been requested and it shall be their (client) sole responsibility to ensure, maintain and evaluate legal compliance & agree to allow for passing the information to the statutory/regulatory authority, if called by them. If required under any specific regulatory requirements to notify the regulator upon withdrawal of certification, & to convey the same to the regulator.
  8. Client shall make all necessary arrangements for the conduct of the assessment by WSC, including provision for examining documentation and the access to all areas, records (including internal audit reports and management reviews) and personnel for the purpose of assessment, surveillance, reassessment and resolution of complaints & shall maintain a record of customer complaints and provide unrestricted access to the representatives of WSC.
  9. Client should confirm and declare that we have no relationship with WSC Management/ WSC employee/ WSC Auditors/ WSC Technical Experts/ WSC Associates/ WSC Committee Member/ WSC Staff such as, (i)Financial; (ii) Commercial; (iii) Common Ownership; (iv) Familiarity with any Individual belonging to WSC; (v) Familiarity with any contracted person of WSC (vi) Past Association with any member of WSC as employee/ Employer/Co-Worker/ Associate/ Team Member.
  10. In the event of any change, alteration or variation in the documented system and procedure/process/place in relation to the scope of registration, we shall be notifying the same in writing to WSC and shall also declare that the change/alteration/variation will not alter the scope or render the certificate of registration invalid. If the changes/alterations/ variations are expected to cause change in scope or schedule of registration, client shall be bound to undergo fresh assessment, as per WSC procedures.
  11. No refund of the fees will be made under any circumstances
  12. Client shall permit representatives of WSC & to the representatives of its accreditation body (if any) in case of accredited certificates have been issued, unrestricted access during normal working hours to the premises where work subject to the Certificate of Registration is carried out, for the purpose of examining materials, processes, products, methods of test, records, data and systems or establishing that the procedures for termination of registration, as per WSC.
  13. Client shall provide office accommodation for the duration of the audit and ensure presence throughout of the organization’s Management Representative.
  14. Client shall nominate, for the approval of WSC, a management representative and one or more deputies authorized to act in the main nominee’s absences who shall be responsible for all matters in connection with the requirements of the Certificate of Registration and who shall, upon each visit by the representative of WSC sign a declaration to the effect that any changes in processes and procedures or other information relevant to the Certification have been notified to WSC.
  15. The certificate provided by WSC is unaccredited (not accredited by any accreditation body or board); the certificate issued by WSC is not valid for any government Reimbursement etc.
  16. Client shall agree to pay (i) A fee for audit, surveillance, supervision, re-issue or endorsement of the Certificate of Registration and administration which are determined from time to time by WSC to be fair and appropriate; (ii) Final audit fee upon termination of the registration, however determined, if such audit is deemed appropriate by WSC (iii) Any additional costs incurred by WSC due to the organization’s non-conformity with the statutory and legal regulations.
  17. Registration may be suspended for a number of reasons, all of which relate to non-compliance with the Certification Criteria.
  18. If Corrective Action Requests have not been closed out within the designated time limit;
  19. In case of improper use of the Certificate or misleading prints or advertising, is not solved by suitable interactions or other appropriate remedial measures by the registrant;
  20. Surveillance Audits are not conducted as planned after sending three written notifications at a gap of 1 month.
  21. Client fails to comply with due settlement of financial obligation of WSC.
  22. Client goes out of business
    1. The client shall not identify as registered as per the scope that has been offered under a suspended Certificate
    2. A Certificate may be withdrawn in case the corrective actions are not taken by the certified client with in specified time period & will lead to the cancellation, WSC has right to withdraw & cancel the certificate.
    3. In the event of non-Compliance of Terms & Conditions laid down in the proposal and failure in timely completion of periodic surveillance, the certification shall be cancelled and the client shall be under obligation to return the original Certificate within 7 working days from the date of de-registration failing which legal action against the organization shall become enforceable.
    4. An organization’s right to use the certificate is not transferable
    5. Upon termination of the Certificate of Registration, however determined, we shall forthwith discontinue the use of the registered symbol or mark and all advertising matter, which contains it or any reference thereto. Any other documents in the possession of the organization, which bear reference to the certificate shall be removed.
    6. Client shall discontinue any use of the registered mark or symbol, which is unacceptable to WSC and any form of statement of reference to the authority of the organization, which in the opinion of WSC might be misleading.
    7. In providing certification, services, information or advice neither the WSC nor any of its officers, employees, agents shall be liable for any damage, loss of expenses, and act of error, of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused to the organization.
    8. Where the organization becomes bankrupt, goes into liquidation of receivership or there is a change of management, the WSC may have to cancel your certification immediately; the organization shall notify the WSC of any changes to the business as above.