Use Of Logo

WSC’s Logo Policy:

  1. WSC certification marks indicate conformance of the organization’s management system with the requirements of the applicable ISO standard.
  2. In line with the requirements specified in ISO 17021, Logos are not an indication of product conformity, and as such are not to be used on a product, or in a way that may be interpreted as denoting product or performance conformity.
  3. WSC policy governing any mark that it authorizes certified clients to use. This assures, among other things, traceability back to WSC. There is no ambiguity, in the mark or accompanying text, as to what has been certified and which certification body has granted the certification. This mark shall not be used on a product or product packaging seen by the consumer or in any other way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity
  4. The WSC Logo accreditation mark shall be reproduced:
    • colour:
    • in a size which makes all features of the mark clearly distinguishable.
    • without distortion of its dimensions.

WSC Mark:
Guidance on acceptable usage of WSC Mark - Logos 

UseUseWSC Mark
1. Marketing materials – Such as brochures,
advertisements, web sites, videos, etc.
Yes – WSC logo must be accompanied by your company
name/logo, and location.
2. Stationary – such as business cards, labels, envelopes,
letter heads, invoices, etc.
Yes – you may use the WSC Mark if marketing materials are related to your approved scope. Mark should be of a size such that all features are clear
3. On product No
4. On Laboratory, calibration or inspection reports No
5. On vehicles Yes – WSC logo must be accompanied by your company name/logo, and location.
6. On flags and banners Yes
7. Greeting cards and calendars Yes
8. On primary packaging No
9. On secondary packaging No – But you can make a statement like “Manufactured under an approved ISO 9001”
10. On signs Yes
11. Billboards Yes
12. On Certificates of compliance Yes- Must be accompanied by a disclaimer indicating
that registration only applies to the quality system
13. Promotional materials Yes


WSC’s control of ownership

  1. WSC require that you, as a client organization:
    1. Conform to WSC requirements when making reference to its certification status in communication media such as the internet, brochures or advertising, or other documents,
    2. Do not make or permit any misleading statement regarding its certification,
    3. Do not use or permit the use of a certification document or any part thereof in a misleading manner,
    4. Upon suspension or withdrawal of its certification, discontinue its use of all advertising matter that contains areference to certification, as directed by WSC,
    5. Amend all advertising matter when the scope of certification has been reduced,
    6. Do not allow reference to its management system certification to be used in such a way as to imply that WSC certifies a product (including service) or process,
    7. Do not imply that the certification applies to activities that are outside the scope of certification, andh) Do not use its certification in such a manner that would bring WSC and/or certification system into disrepute and lose public trust
  2. WSC exercises proper control of ownership and takes action to deal with incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, marks or audit reports. Such action could include requests for correction and corrective action, suspension, withdrawal of certification, publication of the transgression and, if necessary, legal action

Marketing Your Registration

Achieving ISO approval still places you amongst an WSC group of companies who can demonstrate that they have an effective quality system. This is good news and is worth shouting about. So how can you leverage our brand and your registration?

  1. Place banners on your building
  2. Use the logo on your letter heads
  3. Use the logo on your business cards
  4. Advertise your company worldwide on www. (ask us for details)
  5. Advertise your approval on a web site. Include a statement on your system approval in your marketing material,

If you state clearly that the system is approved (not the product) you can also use our logo .

WSC is always ready to help and advise you on how to maximize your registration.

WSC will take suitable action to deal with incorrect references to the registration system or misleading use of registration
marks found in advertisements, catalogues, etc.NOTE - Such action could include corrective action, withdrawal of registration certificate, publication of the transgression and, if necessary, other legal action.